UQ Res Homes

We understand that while many people want to live close to UQ while they study here, it’s not always possible. That’s why UQ Residences maintains a number of houses on and around the St Lucia and Gatton campuses. Rooms are available in 3, 4 or 5-bedroom houses, with a small number of houses suitable for students with families.


Priority access to UQ Homes is given to students who are…

  • from regional Queensland or interstate, or newly arrived from overseas
  • with limited local knowledge and support
  • receiving a limited income
  • with no rental history
  • with limited transportation options

Consideration is also given to students who are finding it difficult to rent privately. That could include:

  • students with a disability that may make it difficult to live off-campus
  • students with no local friends or family
  • students coming from vulnerable living situations


Even if you meet a condition for priority, your application is subject to being accepted by UQ Residences.

If successful, you will be allocated a room or house for a maximum of two semesters (one year).


UQ Res Homes are fully furnished. They include beds, desks, fridges, washing machines.

You’ll need to provide your own pillows and duvets, and take this bedding with you when you leave.

Please note that UQ Res Homes are self-catered with no meals provided. 

Your rent includes electricity and water charges. Internet is not provided in the St Lucia houses. Gatton houses have use of campus internet within the properties.

Rooms in a UQ Res Home start at $220 per week in St Lucia and $190 per week in Gatton

Family accommodation in St Lucia starts at $720 per week and $550 per week in Gatton. Rent is paid fortnightly or quarterly. A bond of four weeks’ rent is required, as well as two weeks’ rent in advance.

Conditions of UQ Residences Homes

Tenancy agreement

You must comply with the conditions from the time you make the application and throughout the term of your tenancy in UQ Residences Homes.

All successful applicants must enter into a General Tenancy Agreement (for families renting a whole house) or Rooming Accommodation Agreement (for students in a shared house) with UQ Residences, on terms acceptable to UQ Residences. You won’t be entitled to move into a UQ Residences Home until you enter into the agreement.

See the RTA website for more information about general tenancy and rooming agreements

You acknowledge and agree that once an agreement has been signed, the room allocation listed on the agreement will remain the same throughout the tenancy and you won’t be permitted to change rooms.

Accuracy of information

By submitting your application, you declare that all information provided is true and correct. If the details in your application are inaccurate or your circumstances change, you must immediately notify UQ Residences of those changes so they can be taken into consideration.

If it is found that you do not comply with the conditions of UQ Residences at the time of application or during the period of your tenancy, UQ Residences may decide to end your tenancy. If you don’t meet all of the conditions of UQ Residences, you must state this in your application.

General misconduct

You must not have been found guilty of general misconduct at any time during your enrolment and or tenancy.

Changes to enrolment

If you’re a tenant of UQ Residences Homes and are not currently enrolled, or you defer your studies at any time during the tenancy period, UQ Residences may decide to terminate the agreement by providing 14 days’ notice in writing to you.

Termination of the agreement

If the agreement is terminated and you are provided notice, you must vacate the property by no later than 14 days from the provision of the termination notice. You must comply with all other terms of this agreement with respect to vacation of the property.