Application Terms


The following terms and conditions apply to applications for accommodation with UQ Res. Please review these terms carefully and print or save a copy for reference. These terms and conditions apply to all individual and small group applications.

The application terms and conditions are provided in English only. If you do not understand any part of the application terms and conditions, please contact the UQ Res team.  If accessing the website from locations outside of Australia, the applicant responsible for complying with local laws. 

  • The application terms and conditions relate to UQ Res.  
  • They apply to all individual and small group applications made: 
    • online through the UQ Res websites 
    • in person at UQ Res 
    • over the phone 
    • via email 
    • via App  
    • via an educational agent 
    • via any other method accepted and approved by UQ Res 
  • All applications for accommodation will be reviewed by UQ Res to ensure applicants meet the minimum requirements. Applicants must be considered in accordance with the Equal Opportunity Act 1995. There must be no discrimination based on: age, sex, marital, parental or carer status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, disabilities, physical features, race, religious, political or industrial activities or beliefs or personal association with someone else who may be treated unfairly on the basis of any of the above. 
  • Upon successful review, UQ Res will send an offer for accommodation.  The offer will set out the next steps and any payments due that are required to accept the offer and secure accommodation with UQ Res. 
  • All rooms and rates are for occupation by one person only, unless specified otherwise such as twin share rooms for two people. 
  • Although we try to ensure the room rates and other costs published on the UQ Res website are accurate, changes may sometimes occur and UQ Res will only be bound by the rates and costs set out in the offer. 
  • If the applicant is under 18 years of age, they must have consent of a parent or legal guardian when making an application. 
  • If the applicant is an international student and 17 years of age when scheduled to move into UQ Res accommodation, the applicant must seek permission from UQ to reside at UQ Res. The applicant will be able to apply to only those UQ Res properties that are approved to accommodate Under 18 students. These approved properties are listed on the UQ Res website.  Please note UQ Res do not accept students younger than 17 years of age. 
  • Whilst every endeavour is made to place an applicant in the room nominated through the UQ Res website, UQ Res cannot guarantee the applicant will be offered the room type requested. Please check the offer carefully. 
  • If the applicant wishes to cancel the online booking, please let UQ Res know in writing via email. Please note there may be a penalty to cancel. Please refer to the Cancellation Policy in the offer. 
  • UQ Res may at their discretion cancel the application for accommodation should any of the following occur: 
    • the information provided as part of the application process is false. 
    • The applicant fails to comply with obligations in the Booking Terms and Conditions.