Contents Insurance at UQ Res

Key Facts

By staying at UQ Res, you are insured for loss or damage to your contents. The maximum benefit provided is AUD $5,000 per any one loss

You are covered whilst the contents are in your private room in the building (for bikes, e-bikes, secured in a locked storage room) and where the loss or damage is caused directly by an insured event

Theft, subject to limits, is an insured event with the full list, along with limits to this insurance, in the Booklet

Legal liability cover for a compensation claim up to AUD 10,000,000 for death of or bodily injury to any person

Limits to this insurance – refer to the Booklet for those events not covered by this policy and for the list of certain items where restrictions on the maximum amounts paid for loss or damage apply.

How to make a claim

For Claims, contact Argenta Group at [email protected]

Excess – an excess is deducted from the amount of your claim. Your excess is shown in your evidence of cover and there is an additional excess for claims involving earthquake or tsunami events.

For more information refer to the UQ Contents Insurance Booklet.

or Contact Insurgo Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd
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